The mission of the ELLIS unit Lisbon is (1) boosting collaborative research and higher education in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in Portugal and Europe, and (2) empowering AI researchers to become active agents in maximizing the social and economic impacts of ML&AI in Europe and the world. The ELLIS unit Lisbon will conduct cutting-edge research in the following AI-related areas: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Optimization, Reinforcement Learning & Robotics, Computer Vision & Cognitive Robotics, Networks and Infrastructure, and Computational Biology. The ELLIS unit Lisbon will bring together researchers in these fields with the common goal of designing human-interacting explainable AI systems: this involves a strong bet on human language technologies, social and cognitive robotics, and computational biology, well supported on the development of efficient and reliable ML systems with theoretical guarantees. The unit will exploit synergies between these areas towards the unified goal of designing AI systems that interact seamlessly with humans, learning from them and for them.

Unit Director