The overarching goal of the ELLIS unit IIT & Genoa is to facilitate synergies between machine learning, robotics and the study of natural intelligence. The included research areas are (1) Machine Learning: from DAta to Artificial Intelligence, (2) From Natural to Artificial Intelligence and (3) Robotics: From Intelligence to Action. The mission of the ELLIS unit IIT & Genoa is first to develop foundational research in ML/AI and to strengthen ties with applied research area at IIT and University of Genoa (including Robotics, Natural Intelligence, and ML for Health), cultivating an intellectually stimulating and engaging environment for faculty (PIs), junior researchers, and PhD students working across these areas. The unit also plans to strengthen and expand the research activity in AI Genoa by hiring in key areas such as Human-centric ML, NLP, Interactive and Reinforcement Learning, and Online Learning, Mathematics of Machine Learning. Last but not least, the ELLIS unit IIT & Genoa commits to promote research excellence in ML and modern AI in Italy via dissemination and training activities, ultimately making the unit the reference point for machine learning in the country and a key node for machine learning in Europe.

Unit Directors