The goal of the ELLIS unit Berlin is to provide the scientific foundations in the fields of ML and, as a result, advance AI applications to yield a substantial benefit and progress for society, economy, and science. The ELLIS unit Berlin would collaborate with existing projects, such as BIFOLD, BZML, BBDC, MATH+ and the Science of Intelligence clusters of excellence, and multiple graduate schools (Graduiertenkolleg) and collaborative research centers (Sonderforschungsbereich), established by the German Research Foundation (DFG). By cooperating with universities in the Greater Berlin Metropolitan Area (e.g., Charite, FU Berlin, HU Berlin, TU Berlin, University Potsdam), scientific associations and societies as well as institutes of applied research (e.g., acatech, BBAW, DFKI, Fraunhofer, Helmholtz, Leibniz, Leopoldina, Max Planck) as well as with companies and startups, the ELLIS unit Berlin will help to spark innovation in a broad spectrum of applications in commerce, services and the sciences. The ELLIS unit Berlin unit will drive forward the following five priority research areas: (1) explainable AI, (2) scalable machine learning and data management, (3) machine learning for the sciences (in particular physics and chemistry, as well as the material sciences), (4) deep learning and (5) learning and inference with structure and priors.

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