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Neuro-Symbolic Reinforcement Learning for Programming Education

Manh Hung Nguyen (Ph.D. Student)

This research project is in the area of Reinforcement Learning and AI for Programming Education. Given that programming tasks are open-ended and conceptual, novice students often struggle when learning to program. AI-driven tutors hold great promise in automatically assisting and teaching novice students. The project will focus on developing technology for machine-assisted teaching in open-ended domains by bridging reinforcement learning, cognitive science, and symbolic reasoning.

Primary Host: Adish Singla (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)
Exchange Host: Sebastian Tschiatschek (University of Vienna)
PhD Duration: 01 September 2022 - 31 August 2027
Exchange Duration: 01 July 2025 - 31 December 2025 - Ongoing