Natural Language Processing


Fellows & Scholars

Natural language processing (NLP) is transforming the way humans communicate with each other and with machines, with applications in multi-document summarization, machine translation, question answering, fact checking, decision support in health domains, or any applications which require making decisions that involve complex reasoning or entail combining different modalities (e.g., vision and text).

The goal of this program is to facilitate collaboration across the leading NLP labs and to encourage closer interactions between the NLP and Machine Learning communities. 

For more information about the program and the research field, read the interview 'Challenges in natural language processing require coordination across a large scientific network' done with the program directors.

Workshops organized by the program

24 - 27 March 2024: 22 researchers from 12 European institutions gathered at the Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics (MFO) in Germany’s Black Forest to discuss future directions in open LLMs and multimodal language technologies. The workshop was organised by Raquel Fernández and Sandro Pezzelle on behalf of the ELLIS NLP program. It was funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and organized in collaboration with the ELLIS Institute Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.