Multimodal Learning Systems


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The goal of this program is to provide a venue to disseminate discuss and synthesize the latest developments in the area of multimodal learning systems. The program intends to push the boundaries of the foundational aspects of this field, to build bridges between researchers and practitioners currently active in multiple unimodal communities, as well as expanding and exploring the applications of multimodal learning systems.

Workshops organized by the program

17-19 January 2024: ELLIS Multimodal Learning Systems Workshop on Multimodal Foundation Models

Multimodal foundation models are a revolutionary class of AI models that provides impressive abilities to generate content. An international group of researchers from academia and industry gathered at the Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics (MFO) in southern Germany to discuss the latest advances in this field. The workshop was funded in part by the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany and supported by ELISE.