ELLIS Health


  • Connect and promote the ELLIS vision within the broad areas of human health
  • Demonstrate the impact of AI/ML on biomedicine and health
  • Feed back key challenges of health applications into AI/ML methods development
  • Foster training and education of the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists at the interface of health and AI/ML


Workshops organized by the program

ELLIS Health workshop focused on the cutting-edge topic of modeling perturbations in single-cell biology

Christoph Bock and Fabian Theis are organizing a virtual ELLIS Health workshop on the topic of modeling perturbations in single-cell biology.
There is a great set of speakers: Rahul Satija (New York Genome Center, Department of Biology, NYU), Charlotte Bunne (Genentech and Stanford University, EPFL), Wei Li (Center for Genetic Medicine Research, Children's National Hospital; Department of Genomics and Precision Medicine, George Washington University), Eric Xing (Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence), Yuge Ji (lab member Fabian Theis), Moritz Schäfer (lab member Christoph Bock)

Contact contact@ellismunich.ai if you want to join.

04.06.2024: ELLIS SYMPOSIUM on Machine Learning for Drug Discovery (organized by ELLIS Health and ELLIS ML4Molecules)