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22 March 2024 News
ELLISPhD ProjectsBuildingOnELLIS
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ELLIS PhD Student Tobias Lorenz. Photo credit: Ebelshäuser/CISPA

For early-career researchers, exchanging ideas with top scientists in their research field is crucial. It allows them to benefit from senior researchers’ experience, understand current research trends and deepen their own knowledge through dialogue. The ELLIS PhD & Postdoc Program connects PhD students and postdocs from all over Europe with top experts in all areas of machine learning - both in research and industry. The program also enables its participants to spend six months at a partner institution abroad. PhD student Tobias Lorenz is currently enjoying the benefits of the ELLIS PhD & Postdoc Program in Oxford. Tobias usually works at the CISPA Helmholtz Centre for Information Security, in the research group of Professor Dr. Mario Fritz, who also coordinates the ELSA Network of Excellence. ELSA researchers like Fritz support and expand the PhD & Postdoc Program of ELLIS.

ELLISPhD ProjectsBuildingOnELLIS