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Holistic 3D Scene Reconstruction

Baris Can Cam (Ph.D. Student)

The main aim of this project is to build a holistic model for 3D scene reconstruction. Despite 3D scene reconstruction having been a popular sub-field in computer vision and computer graphics, the majority of previous work focuses only on geometric reconstruction. However, human-level understanding of a dynamic scene requires a holistic approach that considers not only the geometry but also the temporal and semantic properties. During my Ph.D., I will address these problems by developing models that can jointly understand and reconstruct dynamic scenes in an efficient and robust manner.

Primary Host: Stefan Roth (Technical University of Darmstadt)
Exchange Host: Otmar Hilliges (ETH Z├╝rich)
PhD Duration: 15 November 2021 - 14 November 2025
Exchange Duration: 15 November 2022 - 14 November 2023 - Ongoing